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 Neill Tipton 

Director, Information Sharing and Partner Engagement, OUSD(I)

Mr. Neill Tipton was designated Director, Information Sharing and Partner Engagement for the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Joint & Coalition Warfighter Support in December, 2010.  He manages a wide range of activities associated with identifying and resolving shortfalls in US and coalition intelligence information sharing, enterprise engineering, governance, knowledge management, intelligence information sharing policy, foreign relationships, and support to operations in Afghanistan, including NATO engagement.

His previous positions include Acting Director, Collection Concepts and Strategies, and Senior Advisor for Technical Collection for the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Technical Collection and Analysis.  Prior to that he worked for NGA for several years, during which time he was an officer on the NGA Technical Executive staff, the NGA Support Team to NSA, and the Operations Division Chief in NGA’s Analysis & Production Directorate. 

Before entering government civilian service with NGA, he held multiple positions in the private sector, including support to NGA’s Office of Geospatial Intelligence Management (OGM), support to MASINT policy and operations for the Army Staff, and as lead analyst for US Southern Command’s Intelligence Support to Information Operations program. 

Mr. Tipton retired from the US Army in 1999, after twenty years as a SIGINT specialist with assignments in Panama, Honduras, Germany, Korea, Operation Desert Storm in Southwest Asia, and multiple CONUS locations, including two tours at NSA.

Conference Dates: April 30 - May 3, 2012

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