2012 Defense Enterprise Architecture Awards 


DoD and AFEI Present Enterprise Architecture Achievement Awards

The Office of the DoD CIO, in conjunction with the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) is pleased to announce the winners of the fifth DoD Enterprise Architecture Achievement (DEAA) Awards Program. Awardees are recognized for leveraging the power of architecture in enterprise management. The Awards will be presented at the annual DoD Enterprise Architecture Conference on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 in Miami, FL.

The DEAA awards recognize significant contributions and achievements in
advancing enterprise architecture as an enabler of information advantage for the Department of Defense. The DEAA awards align with the strategic goals of the DoD CIO - leading the DoD enterprise to achieve an information advantage for its people and partners. This year the selection criteria placed greater emphasis on demonstrating architecture methodology/modeling, operational improvements and financial benefit.

The selected 2012 winners:

The Government Organization DEAA Award:

Don Shaw, Beth Ledwig, Rob Shields, Alex Ferry

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Enterprise Architecture

Performing Organization:
NGA Office of Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Architecture Development & Management Division

Over the past year, NGA's Enterprise Architecture Development &
Management Division has made Enterprise Architecture a relevant and
actionable strategic asset to guide NGA toward reaching its vision of putting
GEOINT into the hands of the users through on-line, on-demand access. The
division’s accomplishments resulted in considerable cost savings/avoidance
and mission effectiveness in the face of constrained resources, growing
mission requirements and increased technological complexity.

Significant accomplishments include putting the architecture in mission
terms through the development of the mission-driven NGA Objective
Architecture, leading investment decision support through the identification
of IT redundancies during NGA’s Program Build which resulted in significant
cost savings/avoidance, and working with NGA’s Acquisition Directorate to
develop Enterprise Architecture for IT acquisitions prior to contract award
which resulted in better requirements for standards-based interoperability
across the DoD/IC enterprise.

The Industry Organization DEAA Award:

Dave DeVries, DoD CIO, Col Robert Jassey (ret.), Carol Daniel, Dr. Keith Lane

Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS)

Performing Organization:
Northrop Grumman Corporation / Defense Technology Division

The Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System
(IBCS) is a common, net-centric, open standards-based command and
control system for Army IAMD. Historically, Army air and missile defense
weapon systems have been developed as standalone stove pipes with their
own native Command and Control (C2) and fire control/communications
elements. It has been incumbent on the Warfighter to develop operational
concepts for these disparate systems and deploy them in a theater of
operations with missions ranging from tactical support of maneuvering
troops to defense of strategic assets and allies.

IBCS has established an architecture using open standards that will replace
no fewer than seven distinct IAMD C2 systems, each with its own unique
implementation and in some cases proprietary interfaces. It is initially
targeted for deployment at the battalion and fire unit level with the objective
of creating an IP-based fire control network that allows the connection of
weapons and sensors via Plug & Fight Relays. However, the DoD has decided
to extend the deployment to replace current Brigade, Division, and Theater
Army IAMD C2 systems.


The purpose of these awards is to recognize the significant contributions and achievements of organizations in advancing the practice of enterprise architecture to enable the achievement of mission success in all operations of the Department: war-fighting, business and intelligence.

The 2012 Defense Enterprise Architecture Achievement (DEAA) Awards will be given to one government and one industry organization for excellence and innovation in developing and deploying enterprise architecture. The awards recognize achievements which have profound consequences for improving operational performance and advancing information sharing and decision capabilities in significant ways. These awards are intended to recognize accomplishments and best practices on the part of real, measurable implementation projects.


For further information please contact Betsy Lauer (703) 247-9473 or

Conference Dates: April 30 - May 3, 2012

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Interact with OSD and get updates on policy and practices
  • Discuss tools and methods with top industry experts
  • Attend networking sessions and social events
  • Hear the latest on DoD Instructions, acquisition milestone requirements, and incremental strategy
  • See displays from top vendors of architecture tools and products

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