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 1000 - 1700 Registration Open
 1300 -1430 Tutorials

DoD Enterprise Architecture, Standards, Interoperability Requirements and Assessment Resources
Mr. Walt Okon, DoD CIO
DoD Architecture Framework
Mr. Dave Brown, DISA
Mr. Ed Zick, Senior Program Analyst, Information Enterprise Governance, Office of the DoD CIO

CADIE and Network Integration Evaluation
Mr. Jeff Standley, AIMD, TRADOC
Mr. Bob KIdwell, AIMD, TRADOC

DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) & Reference Architecture
Mr. Al Mazyck, Lockheed Martin

DoD ESI & The Joint Information Environment (JIE)
Mr. James Clausen,
Mr. Jim Cecil, DoD CIO


1430 - 1500 Networking Break
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1500 - 1700


Selecting DoDAF 2.0 Views and Models for DoDAF Projects, Integration and Analysis, UPDM
Mr. Beryl Bellman, FEAC Institute
Ms. Ann Reedy, FEAC Institute

Enterprise Architecture Directions:  Professionalization, Competencies, Certification and Education
Mr. Con Kenney, NDU iCollege

Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM) - Architecture Exchange
Mr. Dan Brookshier, Chair, Technical Development UPDM, OMG
Mr. Graham Bleakley, Chair, Technical Development UPDM, OMG
Mr. Matt Hause, Chair, Technical Development UPDM, OMG

DoD Architecture Registry System (DARS) - Find and reuse architectures
Mr. Chamroeun Chhun, DARS Project Lead, US CERDEC, SED
Mr. Sanae Benchaaboun, DARS Developer, US CERDEC


 0700 - 1700 Registration Open 
0945 - 1830 Exhibits Open 
Jasmine/ Hibiscus
0800 - 0815 Opening Ceremony
0815 - 0900 Conference  Keynote
Mr. Rob Carey, Deputy Chief Information Officer, DoD
0900 - 0945 US SOUTHCOM Keynote
COL Randy S. Taylor, J6/CIO, US SOUTHCOM
0945 - 1015 Networking Break
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1015 - 1200

Warfighter Panel
Panelists address information sharing across the diverse spectrum of mission partners and share their experiences with information sharing architectures such as the Afghan Mission Network

Moderator:  Mr. Martin M. Westphal, Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers, J6
COL Randy S. Taylor, J6/CIO, US SOUTHCOM
CAPT Richard Miller, Chief of Current Operations, US SOUTHCOM
Col Roger Jones, Division Chief, Mission Assurance, US SOCOM
CDR Leon Archibald, Chief, CIO Governance Branch, US SOCOM
CDR Scott "Moose" Penland, C2 Systems Integration Branch

1200 - 1330

Awards Lunch Sponsored by NoMagic
Integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering
Mr. Ben Moreland, Vice President, Professional Services, NoMagic

Track One Track Two
1330 - 1500

Future Mission Network (FMN)
Mr. David O'Neill, Data and Services Division, Joint Staff J6

Information Assurance
Ms. Audrey Marsh, Information Assurance Directorate, NSA

Regional COCOM Information Sharing with Mission Partners
Panelists address the challenges of sharing information with Mission Partners and how they were using architecture products to make improvements

Moderator: Mr. Art Macdougall, Chief Architecture and Integration Division, Joint Staff J6
Mr. Steve Ewell,  US EUCOM
Mr. Joe Bitto, US SOUTHCOM
LCol Francois Beaupré, NORAD/NORTHCOM
Mark Fink, US PACOM
Ms. Liesel Muth, US SOCOM
Mr. James Ramirez, US CENTCOM
Mr. George Alder, US AFRICOM

1500 - 1530 Networking Break
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1530 - 1700

IT Modernization
Mr. Dave De
Vries, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise (IE), DoD CIO
DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA)
Mr. Al Mazyck, Lockheed Martin

1700 - 1900 Networking Reception
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0700 - 1700 Registration Open
0700 - 1700

Exhibits Open
Jasmine/ Hibiscus

0800 - 0805 Welcome and Announcements
0805 - 0815 Keynote Introductions
Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director Architecture and Interoperability, DoD CIO
0815 - 0900 Keynote
Mr. Dave Mihelcic, CTO, Defense Information Systems Agency
0900 - 0945 Future Mission Network (FMN)
Major General Mark S. Bowman,USA, Director for Command, Control, Communications and Computers, J6
0945 - 1015 Networking Break
Provided by Silver Sponsors
1030 - 1100 SOA and Semantic Technology
Mr. Dennis Wisnosky, Chief Architect and CTO, Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer, DoD
1100 - 1200

Services Panel

The Joint Imperative: Synchronizing Integration and Convergence
The purpose of the panel is to allow the Services to share issues, challenges and lessons learned in integrating operations and adopting/adapting architectures to foster interoperability and information sharing.

Moderator: Mr. Ronald Vandiver, Chief, Architecture Integration and Management, TRADOC
LtCol Geoffrey Thome, Chief Operational Architect, Information Management Advocacy, USMC
Mr. Gary Fagan, N2N6BC1 Intelligence Liaison Deputy, Governance and Enterprise Architecture, USN
Lt Col Kyle Mikos, Chief, Policy and Doctrine SAF/A6PAD, USAF
Mr. Art Macdougall, Chief Architecture and Integration Division, Joint Staff J6
COL Robert L Bethea, Army DCS G-3/5/7

1200 - 1330

Lunch sponsored by IBM
Extending Enterprise Architecture: Next Generation Integration Strategy
Dr. Graham Bleakley, Solution Architect, IBM

Track One Track Two
1330 - 1415 Core Data Center Architecture
Mr. Sumeet Chhibber, DoD CIO
US Army
Underpinning The Army Enterprise With Architecture
Mr. Ronald Vandiver, US Army
1415 - 1500 Cloud Computing Strategy
Mr. Rob Vietmeyer, DoD CIO
US Air Force
Mr. John Vona, US Air Force
1500 - 1530 Networking Break
Provided by Silver Sponsors
1530 - 1615 Interoperability Policy and Process
Mr. Kris Strance, DoD CIO
US Navy
System Level Architectures in Support of a Mission-Level Systems Engineering Process
Mr. Ricardo Cabrera, US Navy
1615 - 1700 GTG Federation Processes for ISP Development and Assessment of IT and NSS (DISA)
Mr. Dave Brown, DISA
Ms. Rebecca Simon, Booz Allen Hamilton
Ms. Lyla Moldover, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mr. Nicolas Bruno, Booz Allen Hamilton
US Marine Corps
Ms. Brandi Halleckson, US Marine Corps
1730 - 1930

Evening Sessions (sponsored by AFEI)

Enterprise Architecture Education and Research
  Dr. Brian Cameron

JCIDS and Architectures: An Update
Mr. Marty Westphal

DoD Cion-DCMO Federation Pilot, DM2 Ontology, and the Utilization of Semantic Technology
Mr. Dennis Wisnosky and Ms. Deedee Akeo 

Case Study - Enterprise Architecture Ontology for Maintenance and Restoration of the Boeing 777 and Sikorksy's UH-60
Dr. James Rodger

0700 - 1500 Registration Open
0700 - 1400 Exhibits Open
Jasmine/ Hibiscus 
0800 - 0815 Welcome and Announcements
0815 - 0900 Keynote Speaker
Mr. Dave Wennergren, Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer, Department of Defense
0900 - 1000 Architecture from a Warfighters Perspective
MG Frederick S. Rudesheim, USA, Deputy Director J7, Joint and Coalition Warfighting, The Joint Staff
1000 - 1030 Networking Break
Provided by Silver Sponsors
1030 - 1115 Cyber Command
Rear Admiral Marshall Lytle, USCG, J6 Director, US Cyber Command
1115 - 1200 Defense Intelligence Information Sharing -- Enabling an Enterprise Approach
Mr. Neill Tipton, Director, Information Sharing and Partner Engagement, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
1200 - 1330 Lunch Sponsored by Casewise
Mr. Chris White, VP of Architecture Strategy and Implementation, Casewise
1330 - 1415 Standards Enabling Enterprise Architecture
Mr. Richard SoleyChairman and CEO, Object Management Group
1415 - 1545 Enterprise Architecture Management Plan
Mr. Brian Wilczynski, Director Architecture and Interoperability, DoD CIO
1445 - 1530 CIO/ Joint Staff Wrapup
Mr. Dave DeVries, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise (IE), DoD CIO
Mr. Martin M. Westphal, Vice Director for Command, Control, Communications and Computers, J6
Conference Dates: April 30 - May 3, 2012

Conference Video

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  • Interact with OSD and get updates on policy and practices
  • Discuss tools and methods with top industry experts
  • Attend networking sessions and social events
  • Hear the latest on DoD Instructions, acquisition milestone requirements, and incremental strategy
  • See displays from top vendors of architecture tools and products

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